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Exactly solvable model of memristive circuits: Lyapunov functional and mean field theory

F. Caravelli, P. Barucca

Sub. to European Physical Journal B

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The mise en scene of memristive networks: effective memory, dynamics and learning

F. Caravelli

International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems

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Optimal growth trajectories with finite carrying capacity

F. Caravelli, L. Sindoni, F. Caccioli, C. Ududec

Physical Review E

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Bounds on transient instability for complex ecosystems

F. Caravelli, P. Staniczenko


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Emergence of strongly connected components in continuum disk-spin percolation

F. Caravelli, M. Bardoscia, F. Caccioli

Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment

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Geometric phases and cyclic isotropic cosmologies

L. Banchi, F. Caravelli

Classical and Quantum Gravity

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Scale-free networks as an epiphenomenon of memory

F. Caravelli, A. Hamma, M. Ventra


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