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A private academic research institute for the mathematical sciences

The London Institute for Mathematical Sciences supports research in physics, mathematics and the theoretical sciences.

It gives scientists the freedom and support to do what they do best: make fundamental discoveries.

The London Institute houses LIMS Ventures, its startup incubator for bringing discoveries to market.

The London Institute is different. We’re dedicated to curiosity-driven research, which has shaped our past and will shape our future. And we do it without being subject to the bureaucratic burdens of larger organisations. But this freedom comes at a cost. Unlike universities, we don’t receive student fees or subsidies, but rely entirely on grants and donations. Because we’re a lean, focused organisation, even small donations can make a big difference.

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What's new

Faster innovation

Faster innovation

The distribution of product complexity helps explain why some domains tend to exhibit faster innovation rates than others.

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Memristive networks

Memristive networks

By studying a toy model of memristive networks connections between the asymptotic states of memristors and Ising model were found.

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New Trustee

New Trustee

Sir John Beddington joins the Board of Trustees, bringing experience in governance, sustainability and scientific ventures.

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Real world networks

Network physics

Review of statistical physics approach and the null models for complex networks, with focus on reproduction of local network features.

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