LQ placeholderDynamics of collective creativity

Dynamics of collective creativity

Understanding collective creativity: anonymous collaboration under constrained freedom that transcends the creativity of the individual.

The London Institute for Mathematical Sciences uses mathematics to understand the world and make it better.

Science and Brexit

Science and Brexit

Thomas Fink argues that Britain’s track record of scientific leadership is the result of curiosity-driven research rather than EU funding.


Science of Business IV

Science of Business IV

A dinner and discussion about collective imagination, strategies for acting on multiple timescales and how to respond to distant threats.


LIMS AI event

How to keep AI safe

On 2 Sep at 6pm, Marc Warner talks about how to manage the safety of embedded artificial intelligence in our Science and Society series.

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Building in pictures

Building in pictures

We’ve captured the inside and outside of our building in a series of photographs which shows off the extensive renovation of the Institute.

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Where we publish

Classical and Quantum Gravity
Discrete Mathematics
Journal of Physics A
Journal of Statistical Physics
MIT Sloan Management Review
Nature Communications
Nature Physics
New Journal of Physics
Nature Quantum Information
Science Advances
Physical Review B
Physical Review E
Physical Review Letters
Physical Review Materials
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Proceedings of the Royal Society A
Research Policy
Journal of Chemical Physics
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society

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European  Innovation Council
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FP7 Information and Communication Technologies
Garfield Weston  Foundation
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