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  • Events

    Mathematical Dialogues

    Yang-Hui He co-organises the Nankai Symposium on dialogues between mathematics and physics, with the plenary talk by Sir Roger Penrose.

  • press

    Debating basic science

    Thomas Fink and Dallas Campbell discuss curiosity, basic science, science communication and the Royal Institution on The Spectator podcast.

  • Papers

    QFT and kids’ drawings

    Groethendieck's “children’s drawings”, a type of bipartite graph, link number theory, geometry, and the physics of conformal field theory.

  • people

    Welcome, Yang

    Welcome to our new Fellow, Yang-Hui He, who does research in algebraic geometry, string theory, quantum field theory and machine learning.

  • Website

    Keeping the lights on

    Now that our website uses progressive web application technology, it's resilient to drops in connection and it continues to work offline.

  • Events

    Greek week

    What is the limit to human achievement? To find out, we sent a team to a Greek island for a week to immerse themselves in a single problem.

  • Papers

    Cancer and coronavirus

    Cancer patients who contract and recover from coronavirus-2 exhibit long-term immune system effects, depending on the type of cancer.

  • Press

    Challenging Times

    Is free will a mathematical problem? How about immortality? Or the quest for AI? The Times reports on our 23 Mathematical Challenges.


    23 challenges

    To mark the launch of ARIA, which tackles the toughest problems, we made a list of the 23 most important mathematical challenges of our time.

  • Papers

    The physics of finance

    Statistical physics contributes to new models and metrics for the study of financial network structure, dynamics, stability and instability.


    Back to work

    As we emerge from the biggest remote-working experiment in history, we reveal the fundamental reason why office work will win.

  • Events

    Summer board meeting

    At its summer meeting, our board meets our new finance director and discusses fundraising, core funding, research output and 23 challenges.

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