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    Our new Journals page provides a guide to the journals we have published in, as well some journals that we haven’t, but would like to.

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    Move to the RI

    We are delighted to announce that we have moved to the Royal Institution, where we will expand our programme of curiosity-driven research.

  • Press

    From zero to IRO

    If the government wants a broader ecosystem of scientific research organisations, it needs to support non-university science. Here’s how.

  • Projects

    Recursively divisible

    Generalizing the divisor function to find a new kind of number that can be recursively divided into parts, for use in design and technology.

  • Events

    Cell programming maths

    A one-day, in-person symposium at the Royal Institution on theoretical models of cell programming and their applications to biomedicine.


    Welcome, Sarah

    Welcome to our new director of development Sarah Myers Cornaby. She’ll be leading our fundraising and strategy for growing the Institute.


    True scale-free networks

    Naturally occurring networks have an underlying scale-free structure that is often clouded by finite-size effects in the sample data.

  • Events

    Superstrings and AI

    Yang Hui talks about how string phenomenology has led from differential geometry to computational geometry and now to machine learning.

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