Our values are the fundamental organising principles of the London Institute. Like axioms in a mathematical system, they ultimately determine who we hire, what we do and how we do it. Some of the values link to relevant essays we have written on our website or for the press.

Focus on discovery

Our scientists devote themselves full-time to doing fundamental research in the mathematical sciences. We do not teach or award degrees.

Measure what matters

We measure the Institute’s discoveries, normalised by the number of authors we employ on each, so we have a reliable indicator of success.

Track soft power

We track our soft power—in, for instance, our voice, relationships and organisational intelligence—and reward those who contribute to it.

Hire on merit

We hire our scientists and staff on the basis of their talents and the values that they share with us, without regard to anything else.

Elevate staff

We hire staff who are as exceptional as our scientists. Our staff and scientists are not segregated, but sit and work closely together.

Hire team players

We hire people who are curious about the work of their colleagues, and want to advance the London Institute as much as their own careers.

Be present

We all show up for work during business hours and keep our doors open, so that we can adapt quickly and be open to unplanned interactions.

Scout for talent

We continually track and invest in our convening power: quickly identifying talented scientists and staff and convincing them to join us.

Seek truth in beauty

We believe the environment in which we work influences the ambition of our discoveries, so we make our offices and meeting rooms beautiful.

Cut bureaucracy

Adding complexity to organisations is easier than removing it, so we are vigilant in cutting processes that are ugly, tedious or unnecessary.

Move fast

We believe that fundamental research is urgent, so we move fast—faster than other research organisations, funding agencies and journals.

Form rituals

Great organisations have strong cultures. We invent traditions and maintain rituals, which bring about joy, trust and shared adventure.

Embrace design

We design different aspects of our organisation out of reusable and interoperable modules that can be quickly recombined for new purposes.

Tell stories

Writing is harder than maths, so we train all our members to write clearly, plainly and concisely, and how to build and resolve tension.

Tell our story

Because we trade in ideas, our comprehensive and up-to-date website plays an outsized role in how others know us—and how we know ourselves.

Build scripts

We create minimal evolvable scripts—notes encapsulating how different aspects of our organisation operate—and make them available to others.

Fund to win

Low support costs are indicative of ineffectual organisations, not efficient ones. We invest in the help and training our scientists need.

Speak loudly

Public passion for physics, maths and AI is at an all-time high, so we write in the press about our discoveries and how to speed up research.

Build relationships

Our talks and other events are a means to building lasting relationships, so we socialise after each, which is where serendipity happens.