The London Institute combines researchers in the mathematical sciences with staff drawn from coding, design, journalism, business and finance. They work closely together to make, fund and communicate the breakthroughs of the Institute and make it more than the sum of its parts.i

  • Thomas Fink

    Statistical physics

    Thomas Fink

    Dr Fink is the Director and a Trustee of the London Institute. His research is on statistical physics, combinatorics and evolvable systems.

  • Roy Anderson


    Sir Roy Anderson

    As well as a Trustee, Sir Roy is a professor of epidemiology at Imperial College and former Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Defence.

  • John Beddington


    Sir John Beddington

    Sir John is a LIMS Trustee and professor at Oxford, and former Government Chief Scientific Adviser. His research is on mathematical ecology.

  • Martin Reeves


    Martin Reeves

    As well as a Trustee, Mr Reeves is Chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute and works on organisation intelligence and AI-assisted discovery.

  • Mathematical physics

    Yang-Hui He

    As well as a Fellow at LIMS, Prof. He is a professor of physics at the University of London. He works on string theory and machine learning.

  • Number theory

    Ilya Shkredov

    Prof. Shkredov is an Arnold Fellow at LIMS and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He works on number theory and сombinatorics.

  • representation theory

    Oleksandr Kosyak

    Prof. Kosyak is an Arnold Fellow at LIMS and a member of the Institute of Mathematics NASU. He studies representation theory of infinite-dimensional groups.

  • Machine learning

    Mikhail Burtsev

    Dr Burtsev is a Landau AI Fellow at LIMS. His research focuses on the mathematical tools and ideas that could lead to more intelligent AI.

  • algebraic geometry

    Alexander Esterov

    Prof. Esterov is an Arnold Fellow at LIMS. His research combines enumerative algebraic geometry, Galois theory and the geometry of polytopes.

  • condensed matter theory

    Oleksandr Gamayun

    Dr Gamayun is an Arnold Fellow at LIMS. He works on applications of quantum field theory and mathematical physics to condensed matter theory.

  • Statistical physics

    Forrest Sheldon

    Dr Sheldon is a Junior Fellow at LIMS, following a physics postdoc at Los Alamos. He works on mathematical biology and neural computing.

  • quantum field theory

    Evgeny Sobko

    Dr Sobko is a Landau Fellow at LIMS. His research focuses on exactly solvable models in quantum field theory and string theory.

  • string theory

    Federico Carta

    Dr Carta is a Leverhulme Postdoctoral Fellow at LIMS. His research focuses on string theory, phenomenology and quantum field theories.

  • Mathematical physics

    Vyacheslav Lysov

    Dr Lysov is an Arnold Fellow at LIMS. His work focuses on tropical mirror symmetry, supersymmetric localisation and asymptotic symmetries.

  • quantum field theory

    Alexander Ochirov

    Dr Ochirov is a Landau Research Fellow at LIMS, having previously worked in Oxford and Zurich. His research is on quantum field theory.

  • Topological photonics

    Andrei Stepanenko

    Dr Stepanenko is a Landau Junior Research Fellow at LIMS. His research is on the design of quantum systems that exhibit topological effects.

  • Graphs and networks

    Guido Caldarelli

    Prof. Caldarelli is an Associate Fellow at LIMS and professor of physics in Venice. He works on complex networks and statistical physics.

  • Statistical physics

    Rob Farr

    Dr Farr is an Associate Fellow at LIMS and Senior Scientist at Jacobs Douwe Egberts. His research is on statistical physics and mechanics.

  • Development

    Sarah Myers Cornaby

    Mrs Myers Cornaby is the LIMS Development Director, where she has raised funds for our Arnold and Landau posts and is growing our endowment.

  • Software development

    Andriy Fedosyeyev

    Mr Fedosyeyev is the lead developer for the acclaimed LIMS website and creates algorithms and visualisation methods for research projects.

  • Graphic design

    Roman Rybiansky

    Mr Rybiansky is the digital and print designer at LIMS and contributes to our acclaimed website. He also guides LIMS’s technology portfolio.

  • Chief Science Writer

    Ananyo Bhattacharya

    Mr Bhattacharya is chief science writer at LIMS. He writes about our research and promotes our mission in the science and mainstream press.

  • Science writing

    Thomas Hodgkinson

    Mr Hodgkinson is a science writer at LIMS, where he writes for the press and our website. He is also a novelist, journalist, and critic.

  • Accounting

    Liz Whitby

    Miss Whitby is the accountant for LIMS and its incubator LIMS Ventures. She also supports our Finance Director and Development Director.

  • Physical chemistry

    Robert Bywater

    Dr Bywater is a Visitor at LIMS and was most recently at the Crick Institute. His research is on physical chemistry and information theory.

  • Number theory

    Alisa Sedunova

    Dr Sedunova is a Visitor at LIMS and a Simons CRM Scholar in Montréal. One of her research focuses is integral points on algebraic curves.

  • string theory

    Elli Heyes

    Miss Heyes is a Visitor at LIMS and a PhD student at the University of London. Her research is on algebraic geometry and machine learning.

  • string theory

    Edward Hirst

    Dr Hirst is a Visitor at LIMS and a postdoc in physics at the University of London. His research focus is string theory and gauge theory.