Mikhail Burtsev

Dr Burtsev is a Landau AI Fellow at LIMS. His research focuses on the mathematical tools and ideas that could lead to more intelligent AI.

Dr Mikhail Burtsev is a Landau AI Fellow at the London Institute. He studied microelectronics at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, before doing his PhD in computer science at the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics. He held senior research positions at the Anokhin Institute of Normal Physiology and later the Kurchatov Institute, and visiting research positions at Cambridge. He was Scientific Director of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute in Moscow, and set up and ran the Neural Nets and Deep Learning Laboratory at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Under his leadership, it developed the award-winning open-source conversational AI framework, DeepPavlov.

Dr Burtsev researches the mathematics behind more intelligent AI, including continual learning and memory augmented neural networks, as well as AI assisted maths.


Mikhail Burtsev