Established scientists with a record of world-class research and a viking spirit. They do research, attract funding, advise junior scientists and are curious about the work of others.

Associate Fellows

Established scientists that are mainly based at an outside research organisation. They spend time at the Institute doing research and strengthen our ties with external research groups.

Visiting Researchers

Non-stipendiary scientists who visit the Institute to do research and promote collaborations. They are expected to spend at least five to 10 per cent of their time at the Institute.


Postdoctoral scientists working under the guidance of one or more Fellows. They do research, organize events, help with funding applications and assist with our communications.

Finance and fundraising

Financiers, fundraisers and grant managers with the ambition of the private sector and a passion for our purpose. They set strategy, raise money, help with grants and root out bureaucracy.

Digital and design

Developers and designers who lead our website and digital communication. They also build systems for agile architecture and create tools for research, interaction and simplicity.


Science writers and journalists who explain our discoveries and tell the story of the Institute. They write for our website and social media and the press and help us shape science policy.

LIMS Ventures

Businessmen and entrepreneurs who guide and raise money for the Institute’s technology incubator, LIMS Ventures. They also help secure sponsored research and corporate donations.


Leaders in business, science and defence who are committed to accelerating discovery. They help raise money, seek out strategic opportunities and protect curiosity-driven research.