Senior scientists with a record of world- class research and a viking spirit. They lead research projects, help attract funding, supervise junior scientists and promote collegiality.


Promising postdoctoral research assistants working under the guidance of a Fellow. They also contribute to our communications, help with grant applications and organize events.

Development & Design

Cutting-edge developers and designers who lead our digital communications and create tools for organizational intelligence. They also work on commercial projects under LIMS Ventures.

Associate Fellows

Senior scientists that are mainly based at an outside university or in industry. As well as doing research at the Institute, they strengthen our ties with external research groups.

Grad. Research Fellows

Graduate students from outside universities working at the Institute to pursue new research directions or advance ongoing collaborations between LIMS and their university.

Administration & Finance

Innovative managers and accountants with remarkable problem-solving skills. They help build organizational intelligence, root out bureaucracy and maintain financial security.

Visiting Researchers

Visiting scientists spending time at the Institute on a sabbatical or over a series of short visits. These non-stipendiary researchers may be British or from foreign universities.

Undergrad. Research Fellows

Precocious undergraduates from outside universities pursuing original research under the guidance of a Fellow or postdoc. The programme is modelled on the Caltech SURF scheme.


Leaders in business, science, and defence who are committed to the success of the Institute. They raise money, seek out strategic opportunities and promote academic excellence.

LIMS Ventures

Businessmen and entrepreneurs who guide and raise money for the Institute’s technology incubator, LIMS Venturest. They also help secure sponsored research and corporate donations.