Benchmarking research organisations

To better benchmark research at the London Institute, we weight our published papers by the fraction of authors that are at the Institute.

The London Institute was created as an alternative to the university model for doing research. But without a fair measure of the research performance of different organisations, it’s impossible to innovate models for organising research.

Before 2022, we used the source normalized impact per publication, or SNIP, to benchmark our research. This accounts for differences in citation practices between fields. But from 2022 onwards, we are using the author and source normalized impact per publication, or ASNIP. This is just like the SNIP except that it weights papers by the fraction of authors that work at the London Institute. For example, if a paper has two authors but only one is with us, then we count a half of that paper’s SNIP points. SNIP points for journals that we publish in are here.

Using ASNIP points ensures that the number of organisations that lay claim to a paper adds up to one. Ultimately, this will allow us to compare our research performance with other places.

Our goal is to double our ASNIP points every two years. In 2022, our target is 20 ASNIP points. In 2023, it’s 28, and in 2024 it’s 40.