We do curiosity-driven theoretical research. We build theories—concise mathematical descriptions of patterns—and identify their testable consequences. We pursue the most intriguing patterns, without concern for their usefulness, which leads to the most transformative breakthroughs.

  • The elegant universe

    The elegant universe

    Tackling big questions about the fundamental forces, symmetry and information, and the intimate interplay between physics and mathematics.

  • Life, learning and emergence

    Life, learning and emergence

    Developing mathematical foundations for life and artificial life, machine intelligence, and other emergent phenomena that defy reductionism.

  • Mathematics that unifies

    Mathematics that unifies

    Understanding the relations between different branches of pure mathematics, and creating overarching theories that bind them together.

  • Theory of human enterprise

    Developing mathematical models of markets, innovation and organisations, so that we can predict them and enhance them through interventions.