Whenever we want to make an announcement, offer a brief point of view, or just celebrate an achievement, we write a short news summary. Unlike Perspectives, which are full-length essays, pieces in News are 200 words—though they can be the first step to Perspectives or Principles.

  • Portal for the mathematics of cell programming

    Cell programming portal

    The London Institute is creating a portal that connects bit.bio and theorists to accelerate research on the mathematics of cell programming.

  • The power of being present

    The power of presence

    One reason we outperform other research organisations is that everyone turns up for work, which makes us more creative, agile and aligned.

  • Benchmarking research organisations

    Benchmarking research

    To better benchmark research at the London Institute, we weight our published papers by the fraction of authors that are at the Institute.

  • Webby Award Nominee

    Our website has been nominated for the best science website at the Webby Awards—hailed the “internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times.

  • Stone on stone

    In our updated landing page, we let our blackboards do the talking: each blackboard illustrates a key concept from one of our best papers.

  • Winter board meeting

    At its winter meeting, our Board discusses our research output, endowment with Caltech, core funding and supporting the Royal Institution.

  • Inaugural Junior Fellow

    Dr Forrest Sheldon is the London Institute’s inaugural Junior Fellow, setting a high standard for our new programme of Junior Fellows.

  • Measure what matters

    We benchmark the London Institute by the quality of our published research papers, which we are increasing each year by a factor of √2.

  • Autumn board meeting

    At its autumn meeting, our Board discusses our application for core funding, a new Fellow, upcoming events and planning our first endowment.

  • Summer board meeting

    At its summer meeting, our board meets our new finance director and discusses fundraising, core funding, research output and 23 challenges.