Whenever we want to make an announcement, offer a brief point of view, or just celebrate an achievement, we write a short news summary. Unlike Perspectives, which are full-length essays, pieces in News are 200 words—though they can be the first step to Perspectives or Principles.

  • AI at the Olympiad

    AI at the Olympiad

    Our scientists comment on the success of AlphaGeometry, the latest AI programme from Google DeepMind, in tackling geometrical problems.

  • Conway Prize

    Conway Prize

    The London Institute is establishing an annual prize of £500 for the best short paper in theoretical research written by one of its members.

  • Welcome, Madeleine

    Welcome, Madeleine

    As our new science writer, Madeleine Hall will help us to communicate our discoveries, share our joy in insight and promote our mission.

  • Welcome, Ilya

    Prof. Ilya Shkredov is our inaugural Arnold Fellow. He works on additive combinatorics, number theory and combinatorial ergodic theory.

  • Welcome, Alexander

    Dr Alexander Ochirov is our inaugural Landau Research Fellow. He works on scattering amplitudes in quantum field theory and higher spins.

  • Welcome, Alana

    We are pleased to welcome Alana Ker Mercer, who, as our new coordinator, will orchestrate the efficient running of the organisation.

  • Autumn board meeting

    At our autumn meeting, we discussed the launch of two new Fellowship programmes, our new rooms at the Royal Institution and upcoming events.

  • Space for science

    We’ve doubled our space at the Royal Institution. Our new rooms include Faraday's drawing room and the guest room for Christmas Lecturers.

  • Cell programming portal

    The London Institute is creating a portal that connects bit.bio and theorists to accelerate research on the mathematics of cell programming.

  • The power of presence

    One reason we outperform other research organisations is that everyone turns up for work, which makes us more creative, agile and aligned.

  • Benchmarking research

    To better benchmark research at the London Institute, we weight our published papers by the fraction of authors that are at the Institute.

  • Webby Award Nominee

    Our website has been nominated for the best science website at the Webby Awards—hailed the “internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times.

  • Stone on stone

    In our updated landing page, we let our blackboards do the talking: each blackboard illustrates a key concept from one of our best papers.

  • Winter board meeting

    At its winter meeting, our Board discusses our research output, endowment with Caltech, core funding and supporting the Royal Institution.

  • Inaugural Junior Fellow

    Dr Forrest Sheldon is the London Institute’s inaugural Junior Fellow, setting a high standard for our new programme of Junior Fellows.

  • Measure what matters

    We benchmark the London Institute by the quality of our published research papers, which we are increasing each year by a factor of √2.

  • Autumn board meeting

    At its autumn meeting, our Board discusses our application for core funding, a new Fellow, upcoming events and planning our first endowment.

  • Summer board meeting

    At its summer meeting, our board meets our new finance director and discusses fundraising, core funding, research output and 23 challenges.