Winter board meeting

01 DEC 2021 | 5:30PM

At its winter meeting, our Board discusses our research output, endowment with Caltech, core funding and supporting the Royal Institution.

At its winter meeting, our Board is joined by our development director Sarah Myers Cornaby, finance director Ali Emamy and science writer Thomas Hodgkinson. Following the meeting, we move to the Royal Institution’s Lecture Theatre to hear Prof. Yang He talk about the Theory of Everything. We then have dinner at Brooks’s nearby to continue the discussion, where we are joined by Prof. He, Myers Cornaby and others.

At this meeting, we review our research output projection, noting that we have exceeded this year’s target. Caltech has agreed to help us raise an endowment for the Tom Tombrello Junior Fellowship, and we discuss ways to use this joint campaign to bolster the relationship between the two organisations. Now that our application for government core funding is complete, we consider how to get it into the right hands. Finally, having got to know the Royal Institution and worked with them on joint lectures, we look at new ways to support their objectives.