Welcome, Madeleine

As our new science writer, Madeleine Hall will help us to communicate our discoveries, share our joy in insight and promote our mission.

We are pleased to welcome Madeleine Hall as our new science writer. She comes to us fresh from completing her PhD in mathematical biology, which she did at Imperial College London, with a focus on microorganism mobility.

Hall was brought up in rural Worcestershire and went to school there, before doing her undergraduate degree in Mathematics at Edinburgh University, where she got a First. Always someone of broad interests, who at various times considered becoming a lawyer, a doctor or an actor, she applies the same eclectic approach to science and the communication of science. Her research background has been at the intersection of biofluid dynamics, computational micromechanics and the genetics of behaviour. She has written articles for Chalkdust, the “magazine for the mathematically curious”, about Gladys West, one of the brains behind GPS; the consequences of conditional probability on our everyday lives; and the intricate history of Venn diagrams.

When not writing about science, Hall can be found running, swimming in the Serpentine, or playing Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor on the piano.