Autumn board meeting

At our autumn meeting, we discussed the launch of two new Fellowship programmes, our new rooms at the Royal Institution and upcoming events.

At our Autumn board meeting, Dr Thomas Fink and Sir John Beddington were joined by Sarah Myers Cornaby. Alana Ker Mercer took notes.

We focused on the Institute’s expansion. This summer, we began appointing ten physicists and mathematicians from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus through our new Arnold Fellowship and Landau Research Fellowship programmes. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, these three-year positions are the most substantial opportunity available for scientists affected by the war in Ukraine and will have a lasting impact on British science.

To accommodate the new appointments, in August we doubled our space in the Royal Institution. By bringing more scientists into this historic building, we will breathe new life into its extraordinary tradition of doing science as well as talking about it.

With the start of the academic year, we will host the weekly London Theory Institute lectures, which bring together young theorists from London’s universities. We will also launch our Friday night discourses, which will combine conviviality with intellectual discussion in the style of a classical symposium.