Portal for the mathematics of cell programming

The London Institute is creating a portal that connects bit.bio and theorists to accelerate research on the mathematics of cell programming.

The London Institute is in a long-term collaboration with the cell-coding company bit.bio as its theory partner. To harness the interest generated by our international conference, the London Institute is creating a portal for the mathematics of cell programming. This is for researchers in physics, mathematics, computation and AI who want to work with bit.bio or ourselves.

The portal serves two purposes.

First, it convenes the community of researchers to develop insights and build collaborations in this rapidly changing field. Every two months we host an in-person meeting at the London Institute for presentations and discussions. We talk shop in the afternoon and continue the discussion over drinks on site.

Second, we provide a hub for coordinating the activity of theorists interested in working with bit.bio. This helps bit.bio as well as researchers by matchmaking theoretical approaches with problems and datasets that are aligned with bit.bio’s mission to create every human cell type.

Anyone interested in participating who was not at our March 2022 conference should contact Dr Forrest Sheldon, fs@lims.ac.uk.