The London Institute is a rare place where scientists can wholly dedicate themselves to unlocking the secrets of the universe and our role within it. Unlike universities, we do not receive tuition or government subsidies. Our continued running relies on donations and grants.
At a time when government support for fundamental discoveries is waning, the London Institute plays a unique role in safeguarding basic science. Every donation you make has an amplifying effect, enabling the Institute’s growing number of scientists to see further and attract grant support.
A new, larger home
The London Institute is outgrowing its current building in Mayfair. It is raising money to buy a new, larger building for over twice as many people.
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Early Research Fellows
Early Research Fellowships give students their first experience of doing original research. The Institute is raising money to inspire the next research leader of the future.
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You can help determine the most important research to advance. Any funds that you give for a specific project will be spent entirely on that project.
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