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    Our guide to journals

    Our updated handbook of physics, mathematics and general science journals is a unique guide to choosing the right home for your paper.


    Why we must boldly go

    The human impulse to look beyond the horizon, “to boldly go where no man has gone before”, leads us to the most transformative discoveries.

  • Upcoming event

    Talking to Penrose

    Sir Roger Penrose talks about physics, philosophy and art in a conversation with Thomas Fink and Yang-Hui He in the Faraday lecture theatre.

  • Papers

    Going, going, gone

    A solution to the information paradox uses standard quantum field theory to show that black holes can evaporate without violating the laws of physics.

  • Papers

    Quick quantum neural nets

    The notion of quantum superposition speeds up the training process for binary neural networks and guarantees that their parameters are optimal.

  • Projects

    Learning the universe

    Using machine learning methods to search the vast space of Calabi-Yau manifolds for ones that predict the Standard Model from string theory.

  • Events

    Cheers, Brits and Yanks

    Princeton and Caltech alumni celebrate Faraday’s birthday at the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences, inside the Royal Institution.

  • Events

    In search of serendipity

    The London Institute is hosting a lunch at the Royal Institution to promote serendipity between leaders in business, finance and physics.

  • Papers

    Tumour infiltration

    A delicate interplay between the proteins that white blood cells express and the molecules on the surface of tumour cells determines cancer prognoses.

  • Papers

    Beyond classical barriers

    Circuits of memristors, resistors with memory, can exhibit instabilities which allow classical tunnelling through potential energy barriers.

  • Events

    Maths and machines

    Conrad Wolfram describes how two brothers harnessed machines to do mathematics, changing the way we think about computational thinking.

  • Events

    Space-time singularities

    Sir Roger Penrose talks about space-time singularities and cyclic geometry at the Nankai Symposium, after an introduction by Yang-Hui He.

  • Events

    Autumn board meeting

    At its autumn meeting, our Board discusses our application for core funding, a new Fellow, upcoming events and planning our first endowment.

  • books

    Calabi-Yau Landscape

    This new monograph makes cutting-edge topics in mathematical physics, geometry and machine learning accessible to graduate students and beyond.

  • Events

    Mathematical Dialogues

    Yang-Hui He co-organises the Nankai Symposium on dialogues between mathematics and physics, with the plenary talk by Sir Roger Penrose.

  • press

    Debating basic science

    Thomas Fink and Dallas Campbell discuss curiosity, basic science, science communication and the Royal Institution on The Spectator podcast.