Our research into the mathematical sciences is limited only by our curiosity. Whereas projects gives a top-down view of our research areas, topics gives a bottom-up summary. Each of our papers has three topic tags, and the size of a tag bubble reflects how many papers share it.

Network theoryFinancial riskStatistical physicsGraph theoryTheory of innovationEconomic complexityNumber theoryNeurocomputingFinancial networksMathematical medicineFinancial marketsComplex networksCombinatoricsThermo-dynamicsString theoryPercolation theoryTheory of materialsSphere packingQuantum physicsFractalsAI-assisted mathsNeural networksMachine learningInferenceBiological networksGravityEvolvabilityDiscrete dynamicsComplex systemsAlgebraic geometrySynthetic biologySelf-assemblyQuantum theoryQuantum computingProbabilityParticle physicsInformation theoryHigh energy physicsGroup theoryGeometryFluid dynamicsEconomic theoryCosmologyComputer scienceBaez theory

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