Kickscience is a London Institute programme to fund specific research projects with private, focused donations.
Throughout the 20th century, curiousity-driven research was funded mainly by governments. But as government support for basic science decreases, the philanthropy of the new economy is shaping the future of discovery. Individuals and organizations are playing an important role in determining the most important lines of research.
You can decide which of our research projects gets advanced by supporting it specifically. Any funds that you give for a project will be spent entirely on that project. Donors are listed on the Institute website and kept abreast of the progress of the research. Donors of £5000 or more are acknowledged in our research publications.
Mathematical innovation for personalised cancer medicine
Modern cancer medicine can access vast amounts of patient-specific information, like individual genomes, blood bio-markers and medical images. But it fails to use this information effectively. Analysing next-generation data with previous-generation tools causes avoidable patient harm and misses clues to new treatments. It also contributes to the high failure rates of clinical trials.
Most mathematical and machine learning methods for predicting cancer outcomes have a common Achilles heel. When the amount of information becomes too large, they confuse noise with real patterns and miss the wood for the trees. This breakdown is known as overfitting. We will combat it by creating more powerful mathematical methods, coded in algorithms that let multiple computers work in parallel.
More accurate clinical prediction in cancer medicine reduces the likelihood of harmful, ineffective treatments and saves lives. Each doomed trial that gets stopped early by better analysis of preliminary data saves over £100 m for the public health services and the pharmaceutical industry. And rescuing failing trials by identifying appropriate drug recipients broadens the range of available drugs.
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