Business: Is it rocket science?

“Business: Is it rocket science?” is a series of dinners for business leaders, scientists and journalists to discuss the science of business and the business of science. It is co-hosted by the London Institute, the BCG Henderson Institute and Princeton University.

As firms become more interconnected and technology plays a bigger role in their success, strategic and scientific insights offer businesses a critical advantage. Borrowing concepts from ecology, evolution, collective learning and statistical physics, the science of business considers how science can help firms innovate faster, manage complexity, build intelligent organizations and realize organizational change.

At the same time, science can learn from business. New opportunities are emerging for how to organize research for social and economic benefit. But the traditional university model for research has been slow to change. The business of science considers how business can inspire new models for funding research, translating discoveries and building a more efficient research environment.

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To be announced

Science of Business IV

The next science of business dinner will take place in America in late 2019.

LQ placeholderScience of Business III

London 28 May 2019

Science of Business III

A dinner and discussion about speeding up innovation, forecasting technological change and the collective action problem in climate change.

LQ placeholderScience of Business II

NEW YORK 29 OCT 2018

Science of Business II

A dinner and discussion about commitment and flexibility, acting on multiple timescales and learning and forgetting in the age of AI.

LQ placeholderScience of Business I

LONDON 22 MAY 2018

Science of Business I

A dinner and discussion about applying principles from evolution and ecology to seemingly intractable problems in business and politics.