A new, larger home
The London Institute is raising £6m to buy a larger building to replace its current home by the end of the decade.
For the last several years the London Institute has rented 35a South St in Mayfair. But the Institute is outgrowing its 2000 sq. ft current home and needs to expand. To provide a more permanent base into the next decade, the London Institute needs to raise £6m to buy a 5000 sq. ft building.
The new building will accommodate 50 researchers and support staff. It will have a seminar room for 80 persons and house LIMS Ventures, the Institute’s startup incubator.
A central London address promotes collaboration between the Institute and London’s universities and makes the Institute an attractive destination for visitors from the UK and around the world. Because the Institute does not have laboratory space, the cost of property is a small fraction of its turnover.
The new building presents an opportunity for donors to make a permanent contribution to advancing fundamental discoveries and new technologies. All contributors will be noted in the building entrance, and generous donors can name the new building, seminar room and meeting rooms.
Raised so far