At the London Institute, we delight in an atmosphere of insight and imagination. Stray ideas can become the basis of unexpected applications. In addition to our research, we also create games, build startups, invent traditions and develop tools for research and design.

LQ placeholderSnake 3D

Snake 3D

Snake 3D is a free multi-level video game that brings an extra dimension and a lot more challenge to the cult-classic game of snake.

LQ placeholderDivisor trees

Divisor trees

A way to visualize recursively divisible numbers, a new kind of number for modular design that can be broken into parts hierarchically.

LQ placeholderNvesto  Stock Exchange

Nvesto Stock Exchange

An online decentralised stock market where people can trade for real profit while researchers study aspects of behavioural economics.

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Twelve Days of Christmas

The Institute’s Christmas card includes one side to the Möbius strip, five exceptional Lie groups and eight basis vectors of the octonians.

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Never-repeating crystal

Our entrance hall floor is a Penrose tiling, an aperiodic crystal that never repeats, made from white Carrara marble and black obsidian.

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London Institute logo

The logo of the London Institute is based on a classical lamp with snakes either side and shows the Institute’s motto, “Truth, Beauty”.