We work with in-house science writers, and closely with external ones, to place articles in publications such as Nature and Nautilus, The Times and The Daily Telegraph. These promote our views, celebrate our discoveries and shape the debate on how to do and fund science.

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  • The Spectator

    Features13 Apr

    Talking is thinking

    Talking engages robust muscles of thought—not least when mathematicians take their problems to the blackboard, argues Thomas Hodgkinson.

  • The spectator

    Features16 Mar

    Let's talk about science

    For its 225th birthday, our writer Thomas Hodgkinson hails the Royal Institution as proof of the vital importance of science communication.

  • Bloomberg

    Features20 Feb

    Security and freedom

    A Bloomberg piece names our Arnold and Landau Fellowships as one of the few programmes offering help to Russian and Ukrainian scientists.

  • interview

    Features22 May 2023

    The language of maths

    A piece in The Times explains how, thanks to our Arnold and Landau Fellowships, mathematicians divided by war can find a common denominator.

  • New Scientist

    Features6 Jun 2022

    AI helps with maths

    An AI that can turn mathematics problems written in English into a formal proving language could make them easier for other AIs to solve.

  • the times

    Features12 Jun 2021

    Challenging Times

    Is free will a mathematical problem? How about immortality? Or the quest for AI? The Times reports on our 23 Mathematical Challenges.


    Features13 Nov 2020


    Forbes explains how the London Institute, working with the biologists at bit.bio, may revolutionise our understanding of human life.

  • the times

    Features27 Oct 2020


    The Times welcomes the collaboration between London Institute mathematicians and the biologists at bit.bio to crack cell reprogramming.

  • Verdict

    Features22 Oct 2020

    Maths, meet biology

    Verdict reports on the collaboration between the London Institute and cell coding company bit.bio to decode the operating system of life.

  • Science|Business

    Features30 Jan 2020

    Taking back research

    In today’s Science|Business, the London Institute welcomes the prospect of a UK DARPA and calls for shorter turn-around times for funding.

  • High Life

    Features1 Apr 2019

    Sage of discovery

    British Airways’ inflight magazine runs a three-page profile of the London Institute, its founder and its new approach to doing science.