The London Institute is a unique kind of research centre for the mathematical sciences, and the press is taking note. And many of our scientific discoveries have featured in the popular and scientific media, making our insights available to a broader audience.


In The Spectator, the London Institute talks about the value of basic science and what the British government should do to promote it.


LQ placeholderScience|Business

In today’s Science|Business, the London Institute welcomes the prospect of a UK DARPA and calls for shorter turn-around times for funding.


LQ placeholderOpen Access Government

In Open Access Government, the London Institute argues that Britain’s record of scientific leadership will continue regardless of Brexit.

Open Access Government

LQ placeholderTimes Higher Education

In the Times Higher Education magazine, the London Institute contends that “We need to challenge the university monopoly on research”.

Times Higher Education

LQ placeholderHigh Life

British Airways’ inflight magazine runs a three-page profile of the London Institute, its founder and its new approach to doing science.

High Life

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