We work with in-house science writers, and closely with external ones, to place articles in publications such as Nature and Nautilus, The Times and The Daily Telegraph. These promote our views, celebrate our discoveries and shape the debate on how to do and fund science.

  • Nautilus

    Culture11 Jan

    The art of blackboards

    In a piece in Nautilus, our scientists talk about why they prefer the 1,000-year-old technology of blackboards to their digital equivalents.

  • The spectator

    Culture4 Apr 2023

    What are the chances?

    In The Spectator, our writer Madeleine Hall hails John Venn, who pioneered not only Venn diagrams but also frequentist probability.

  • Nautilus

    Culture14 Mar 2023

    The big bang

    A century ago, in our rooms in Mayfair, Sir James Dewar died. Our writer Thomas Hodgkinson pays tribute to the inventor of cordite in Nautilus.

  • The telegraph

    Culture11 Aug 2022

    Price of immortality

    Like Orpheus in the Underworld, the London Institute is challenging mortality, says our writer Thomas Hodgkinson in The Sunday Telegraph.

  • The Washington Post

    Culture1 May 2022

    Death, be not proud

    The Washington Post explains how man's mad search for immortality is getting serious in our cell programming collaboration with bit.bio.


    Culture17 Dec 2020

    A singular mind

    In an interview with Thomas Fink, Sir Roger Penrose talks about his Nobel Prize, the beauty of physics—and why AI is nothing to fear.