Perspectives are essays that express our interests and point of view. Their topics range from the value of basic science to how to fund research to the culture of the Institute. Published in leading periodicals, they are shaping the national debate on how to organise discovery.

  • Why we must boldly go

    Why we must boldly go

    The human impulse to look beyond the horizon, “to boldly go where no man has gone before”, leads us to the most transformative discoveries.

  • 23 Mathematical challenges

    23 Mathematical challenges

    To mark the launch of Britain’s new science agency ARIA, which aims to tackle the toughest problems, we made a list of the 23 most important mathematical challenges of our time.

  • The fundamental reason to show up for work

    Back to work

    As we emerge from the biggest remote-working experiment in history, we reveal the fundamental reason why office work will win.


    Lessons from the RI

    As the government creates its Advanced Research & Invention Agency, it could learn from the exceptional history of the Royal Institution.

  • Move to the RI

    We are delighted to announce that we have moved to the Royal Institution, where we will expand our programme of curiosity-driven research.


    From zero to IRO

    If the government wants a broader ecosystem of scientific research organisations, it needs to support non-university science. Here’s how.


    A singular mind

    Physicist Roger Penrose discusses the art of science, AI hype and links between playfulness and profundity in an interview with Thomas Fink.

  • the guardian

    The value of theory

    From Newton to Penrose, Britain has always excelled at theoretical science—so why doesn't the government do more to support it?

  • Bit.Bio-LIMS partnership

    Bit.Bio has partnered with the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences on a moonshot mission to create every human cell type for use in biomedical research.


    Back to basic science

    In The Spectator, the London Institute talks about the value of basic science and what the British government should do to promote it.

  • open access government

    Brexit is an opportunity

    In Open Access Government, the London Institute argues that Britain’s record of scientific leadership will continue regardless of Brexit.


    Dedicated to discovery

    In the Times Higher Education magazine, the London Institute contends that “We need to challenge the university monopoly on research”.