LQ placeholderDNA and the human genome

DNA and the human genome

Brian Sutton talks about the path to understanding life, molecular biology and synthetic biology in part 5 of our Grand Tour of Science.

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Brian Sutton

Prof. Brian Sutton is Professor of Molecular Biophysics at Kings College, London. He did his D.Phil in molecular biophysics at Oxford University, since when he has worked at Oxford and Kings. His interests include structure-based drug design and the evolution of anti-body structure.

Series The Grand Tour of Science is a comprehensive account of modern science in seven two-hour lectures for the public. The lectures are in two parts, with drinks and discussion before, in between and after.

Talk This lecture covers:
• What is life?
• The beginnings of molecular biology
• Crystals, symmetry and X-ray crystallography
• Discovery of the structure of DNA
• Towards synthetic biology