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Classical quantitative science

Robert Farr talks about the emergence of science from astronomy and the rise of classical physics in part 1 of our Grand Tour of Science.

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Robert Farr

Robert Farr is an Associate Fellow at the London Institute and Senior Scientist at Jacobs Douwe Egberts. He studied physics at Cambridge, since when he has worked at Unilever and Nottingham University. Dr Farr applies geometric ideas to materials science and classical physics.

The Grand Tour of Science is a comprehensive account of modern science in seven two-hour lectures for the public. The lectures are in two parts, with drinks and discussion before, in between and after.

This lecture covers:
• The hypothesis-prediction-experiment loop
• Tycho Brahe and the role of data
• The scientific revolution of the 17th century
• Physics from Gallileo to Maxwell
• The character of physical laws