Grand Tour

A comprehensive account of modern science in seven two-hour lectures for the public. Each talk is given by a leading researcher in the field, with drinks and discussion before and after.

Late Night

Junior scientists from LIMS and nearby universities discuss a research theme and get to know each other. We start at 6:00 with drinks, followed by 15-minute talks and more mixing into the night.

Science and Society

Scientists give a high-level account of their work to leaders in business, government and the arts. This is followed by drinks and discussion about how science impacts society and the world.

Science of Business

Business leaders, scientists and journalists discuss the science of business and the business of science over dinner, seeded by table talks. It is co-hosted by LIMS, BCG Henderson and Princeton.


Invited scientists talk about their detailed research to inspire as much as inform. To stir things up, we start at 5:00 with drinks. After the talk there is open discussion into the evening.


Groups of up to 40 present and discuss a research theme over a few hours to a few days. Attendees can range from researchers to industry practitioners to the defence community and beyond.