Ransomware and blockchain

Leaders in intelligence, defence, business and academia discuss the technology behind ransomware and the cryptocurrencies that fund it.

In one of the most damaging cyberattacks ever, the 2017 Wannacry ransomware spread across 150 countries. By encrypting sensitive data and demanding payment in Bitcoin, it held thousands of businesses hostage. Until it was brought down by a hidden kill switch, the identity of the hostage takers was protected by the blockchain technology behind the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. More crippling ransomware attacks are sure to follow. But how does ransomware work, and how can we protect against it? What is the blockchain technology behind the cryptocurrencies funding it, and how can it transform business?

In this symposia organized by Elli Streit and Ben Lynch from the LIMS Ventures board, leaders in intelligence, defence, business and academia help answer these questions. Ben Addis from the Serious Organised Crime Agency opens with an introduction to ransomware. Charly Shugg and Jeff Birnbach from Sylint give a strategic vision for cybersecurity. Simone Bronzini, co-founder of Chainside, introduces blockchain and cryptocurrency. Last, Nicolas Courtois from UCL talks about stealth and anonymity in blockchains.

London Institute Symposia

London Institute Symposia are small research and technology conferences for up to 40 people that take place in the Institute. Symposia can last from a few hours to a few days, with attendees ranging from academic researchers to industry practitioners to the defence community.

Ransomware  and blockchain