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  • Papers

    Beyond classical barriers

    Circuits of memristors, resistors with memory, can exhibit instabilities which allow classical tunnelling through potential energy barriers.

  • Events

    Talking to Penrose

    Sir Roger Penrose talks about physics, philosophy and art in a conversation with Thomas Fink and Yang-Hui He in the Faraday lecture theatre.

  • Events

    Maths and machines

    Conrad Wolfram describes how two brothers harnessed machines to do mathematics, changing the way we think about computational thinking.

  • Events

    Cheers, Brits and Yanks

    Princeton and Caltech alumni celebrate Faraday’s birthday at the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences, inside the Royal Institution.

  • Events

    In search of serendipity

    The London Institute is hosting a lunch at the Royal Institution to promote serendipity between leaders in business, finance and physics.

  • Events

    Space-time singularities

    Sir Roger Penrose talks about space-time singularities and cyclic geometry at the Nankai Symposium, after an introduction by Yang-Hui He.

  • Events

    Autumn board meeting

    At its autumn meeting, our Board discusses our application for core funding, a new Fellow, upcoming events and planning our first endowment.

  • books

    Calabi-Yau Landscape

    This new monograph makes cutting-edge topics in mathematical physics, geometry and machine learning accessible to graduate students and beyond.

  • Events

    Mathematical Dialogues

    Yang-Hui He co-organises the Nankai Symposium on dialogues between mathematics and physics, with the plenary talk by Sir Roger Penrose.

  • press

    Debating basic science

    Thomas Fink and Dallas Campbell discuss curiosity, basic science, science communication and the Royal Institution on The Spectator podcast.

  • Papers

    QFT & childrens' drawings

    Groethendieck's “children’s drawings”, a type of bipartite graph, link number theory, geometry, and the physics of conformal field theory.

  • people

    Welcome, Yang

    Welcome to our new Fellow, Yang-Hui He, who does research in algebraic geometry, string theory, quantum field theory and machine learning.