The London Institute combines researchers in the mathematical sciences with staff drawn from coding, design, journalism, business and finance. They work closely together to make, fund and communicate the breakthroughs of the Institute and make it more than the sum of its parts.i

  • Catherine Meyer

    Former Trustee

    Baroness Meyer

    Children’s rights, international affairs, corporate finance and financial services.

  • Dame Shirley Porter

    Former Trustee

    Dame Shirley Porter

    Environmental sciences, sustainability, technology transfer and academic governance.

  • Thomas Tombrello

    Former Trustee

    Thomas Tombrello

    Materials, surface science, technology, geomorphology and what drives discoveries.

  • Sir Peter Williams

    Former Trustee

    Sir Peter Williams

    Applied physics, semiconductors, magnetic resonance, science policy and governance.

  • Former Associate Fellow

    Doyne Farmer

    Dynamical systems, technological progress, financial instability and theoretical biology.

  • Former Fellow

    Bela Bollobas

    Random and extremal graphs, functional analysis, isoperimetric problems and percolation.

  • Former Fellow

    Anthony Coolen

    Disordered systems, random graph theory, market models and mathematical biomedicine.

  • Former Fellow

    Oscar Dahlsten

    Quantum information and computation, non-equilibrium physics and energy harvesting.

  • Former Fellow

    Chris Pickard

    Electronic structure theory, novel materials, high-pressure physics and solid state NMR.

  • Former Fellow

    Luciano Pietronero

    Economic complexity, cascading risk, complex systems and high-T superconductivity.

  • Former SURF

    Tim Zhang

    Medical image processing, AI healthcare, digital twins and autonomous surgical robots.

  • Former Postdoc

    Fabrizio Antenucci

    Replica methods, phase transitions, optimisation, information theory and learning.

  • Former Postdoc

    Marco Bardoscia

    Mathematical finance, financial risk, complexity and network theory and metabolic networks.

  • Former Postdoc

    Paolo Barucca

    Statistical physics, financial systemic risk, network theory and science communication.

  • Former Postdoc

    Jamie Blundell

    Soft condensed matter, semi-flexible filaments, mathematical biology and evolvability.

  • Former Postdoc

    Francesco Caravelli

    Non-equilibrium dynamics, spectral methods, memristive circuits and modified gravity.

  • Former Postdoc

    Alexis Gallagher

    Biophysics, theory of neutral evolution, genospace algebra and software development.

  • Former Postdoc

    Ryan Hannam

    Bayesian inference, disordered systems, network Science and gene regulatory networks.

  • Former Postdoc

    Francois Lafond

    Economics of innovation, applied econometrics, networks and environmental economics.

  • Former Postdoc

    Alexander Mozeika

    Disordered systems, replica method, Bayesian inference and mathematical immunology.

  • Former Postdoc

    Michał Przykucki

    Extremal and probabilistic combinatorics, percolation, graph theory and probability.

  • Former Postdoc

    Mark Rowley

    Survival analysis, Bayesian methods, complex data analysis and software development.

  • Former Research Scientist

    Antonio Scala

    Statistical physics, computational physics, complex networks and cascading failure.

  • Former Postdoc

    Stefano Sebastio

    Distributed systems, AI, reliability, cloud computing and peer-to-peer architecture.

  • Former Postdoc

    Paul Smith

    Probabilistic combinatorics, random discrete structures and bootstrap percolation theory.

  • Former BCGH Postdoc

    Ilia Teimouri

    Combinatorial innovation, string theory, modified gravity, finance and machine learning.

  • Former URF

    Thomas Reeves

    Graph theory, random matrices, probability, spectral methods and evolutionary games.

  • Former URF

    Kedron Silsbee

    Astrophysics, galaxy formation, theory of neutral evolution and stochastic processes.

  • Former URF

    Ana Zegarac

    Spectral graph theory, memristive circuits, disordered systems and applied mathematics.

  • Former finance director

    Ali Emamy

    Mr Emamy is the Finance Director for LIMS and LIMS Ventures. He was previously CFO at Nest Corporation and several financial services firms.

  • Former coordinator

    Alana Ker Mercer

    Miss Ker Mercer is the LIMS coordinator and assistant to the Director, with experience in English literature, history of art and journalism.

  • Former office manager

    Victoria Harrison

    Travel, gadgets, architecture, environment and art.

  • former science writer

    Madeleine Hall

    Dr Hall is a science writer at LIMS, where she writes for the press and our website. Her background is in mathematical biology research.

  • former science writer

    Pippa Cole

    Dr Cole is a science writer for LIMS, where she contributes to our website, and a postdoc in cosmology at the University of Amsterdam.

  • Former visitor

    Jiakang Bao

    Mr Bao is a Visitor at LIMS and a final-year PhD student at the University of London. His research is on string theory and quantum gravity.

  • Former Grants Officer

    Antonia Tingey

    Research grants, business development, financial strategy and organizational intelligence.