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  • Number of attractors in the critical Kauffman model is exponential

    Statistical physics

    TFT. FinkFSF. Sheldon In press Physical Review Letters

    Exponential Kauffman scaling

    Surprisingly, the number of attractors in the critical Kauffman model with connectivity one grows exponentially with the size of the network.

  • Kerr black holes enjoy massive higher-spin gauge symmetry


    LCMCHJAOA. OchirovPP... Physical Review Letters

    Kerr black holes symmetry

    Effective field theories for Kerr black holes, showing the 3-point Kerr amplitudes are uniquely predicted using higher-spin gauge symmetry.

  • The space of functions computed by deep layered machines

    Neural networks

    AMA. MozeikaBLDS Physical Review Letters

    Deep layered machines

    The ability of deep neural networks to generalize can be unraveled using path integral methods to compute their typical Boolean functions.

  • Photonic Maxwell’s demon


    MVODO. DahlstenMBMKVV... Physical Review Letters

    Photonic Maxwell's demon

    With inspiration from Maxwell’s classic thought experiment, it is possible to extract macroscopic work from microscopic measurements of photons.

  • Network theory

    Physical Review Letters

    Easily repairable networks

    When networks come under attack, a repairable architecture is superior to, and globally distinct from, an architecture that is robust.

  • Fractals

    Physical Review Letters

    Ultralight fractal structures

    The transition from solid to hollow beams changes the scaling of stability versus loading analogously to increasing the hierarchical order by one.