The space of functions computed by deep layered machines

AMA. MozeikaBLDS Physical Review Letters

Deep layered machines

The ability of deep neural networks to generalize can be unraveled using path integral methods to compute their typical Boolean functions.

Tunnelling necessitates negative Wigner function

ODO. DahlstenYL Physical Review Letters

Tunnelling interpreted

In quantum tunnelling, a particle tunnels through a barrier that it classically could not surmount.

Photonic Maxwell’s demon

ODO. DahlstenMVMBMKVVIW Physical Review Letters

Photonic Maxwell’s demon

By analogy with Maxwell’s original thought experiment, the setup uses energy extracted from a thermal system.

Easily repairable networks: reconnecting nodes after damage

RFR. FarrTFT. FinkJH Physical Review Letters

Easily repairable networks

When networks come under attack, a repairable architecture is superior to, and globally distinct from, an architecture that is robust.


3 Physical Review Letters

Ultralight fractal structures from hollow tubes

A material’s architecture can be controlled over an ever increasing set of length scales.