Our papers are the official record of our discoveries. They allow others to build on and apply our work. Each paper is the result of many months of research, so we make a special effort to make them clear, beautiful and inspirational, and publish them in leading journals.

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  • Non-reciprocal topological solitons in active metamaterials

    Condensed matter theory

    JVOGO. GamayunXGASCM... In press Nature

    Strange kinks

    A new non-linear mechanical metamaterial can sustain topological solitons, robust solitary waves that may have exciting applications.

  • Kubo-Martin-Schwinger relation for an interacting mobile impurity

    Condensed matter theory

    OGO. GamayunMPFT Physical Review Research

    Mobile impurity

    Explicit computation of injection and ejection impurity’s Green’s function reveals a generalisation of the Kubo-Martin-Schwinger relation.

  • Peculiarities of beta functions in sigma models

    quantum field theory

    OGO. GamayunALMS Journal of High Energy Physics

    Peculiar betas

    The beta function for a class of sigma models is not found to be geometric, but rather has an elegant form in the context of algebraic data.

  • Finite temperature spin diffusion in the Hubbard model in the strong coupling limit

    Condensed matter theory

    OGO. GamayunAHBPMB SciPost Physics

    Spin diffusion

    The spin-spin correlation function of the Hubbard model reveals that finite temperature spin transport in one spatial dimension is diffusive.

  • Condensed matter theory

    Physical Review A

    Spin-charge separation

    A transformation for spin and charge degrees of freedom in one-dimensional lattice systems allows direct access to the dynamical correlations.