Our papers are the official record of our discoveries. They allow others to build on and apply our work. Each one is the result of many months of research, so we make a special effort to make our papers clear, inspiring and beautiful, and publish them in leading journals.

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  • A. EsterovA. Esterov
  • O. GamayunO. Gamayun
  • A. V. KosyakA. V. Kosyak
  • A. OchirovA. Ochirov
  • E. SobkoE. Sobko
  • Y. HeY. He
  • M. BurtsevM. Burtsev
  • M. ReevesM. Reeves
  • I. ShkredovI. Shkredov
  • T. FinkT. Fink
  • F. SheldonF. Sheldon
  • G. CaldarelliG. Caldarelli
  • R. HannamR. Hannam
  • F. CaravelliF. Caravelli
  • A. CoolenA. Coolen
  • O. DahlstenO. Dahlsten
  • A. MozeikaA. Mozeika
  • M. BardosciaM. Bardoscia
  • P. BaruccaP. Barucca
  • M. RowleyM. Rowley
  • I. TeimouriI. Teimouri
  • F. AntenucciF. Antenucci
  • A. ScalaA. Scala
  • R. FarrR. Farr
  • A. ZegaracA. Zegarac
  • S. SebastioS. Sebastio
  • B. BollobásB. Bollobás
  • F. LafondF. Lafond
  • D. FarmerD. Farmer
  • C. PickardC. Pickard
  • T. ReevesT. Reeves
  • J. BlundellJ. Blundell
  • A. GallagherA. Gallagher
  • M. PrzykuckiM. Przykucki
  • P. SmithP. Smith
  • L. PietroneroL. Pietronero
  • The generalized characteristic polynomial, corresponding resolvent and their application

    Representation theory

    AVA. V. Kosyak Submitted

    Group representation irreducibility

    A general approach to proving the irreducibility of representations of infinite-dimensional groups within the frame of Ismagilov's conjecture.

  • The height of an infinite parallelotope is infinite

    Linear algebra

    AVA. V. Kosyak Submitted

    Infinitely high parallelotopes

    We demonstrate that the height of an infinite parallelotope is infinite if no non-trivial combinations of its edges belong to l2(N)l_2(\mathbb N).

  • Irreducibility of the Koopman representations for the group GL0(2∞,R), acting on three infinite rows

    Representation theory

    AVA. V. KosyakPM Submitted

    Infinite dimensional irreducibility

    The criteria of irreducibility of representations of the inductive limit of certain general linear groups acting on three infinite rows.