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  • Number of attractors in the critical Kauffman model is exponential

    Statistical physics

    TFT. FinkFSF. Sheldon Physical Review Letters

    Kauffman cracked

    Surprisingly, the number of attractors in the critical Kauffman model with connectivity one grows exponentially with the size of the network.

  • A simple solution of the critical Kauffman model with connectivity one

    Statistical physics

    TFT. FinkFSF. Sheldon In press Journal of Physics A

    Landau meets Kauffman

    Insights from number theory suggest a new way to solve the critical Kauffman model, giving new bounds on the number and length of attractors.

  • Characterizing contaminant noise in barcoded perturbation experiments

    Synthetic biology

    FSF. Sheldon Submitted

    Cell soup in screens

    Bursting cells can introduce noise in transcription factor screens, but modelling this process allows us to discern true counts from false.

  • Computational capacity of  LRC, memristive and hybrid reservoirs


    FSF. SheldonAKFCF. Caravelli Physical Review E

    Optimal electronic reservoirs

    Balancing memory from linear components with nonlinearities from memristors optimises the computational capacity of electronic reservoirs.

  • Neurocomputing

    Science Advances

    Breaking classical barriers

    Circuits of memristors, resistors with memory, can exhibit instabilities which allow classical tunnelling through potential energy barriers.