Acute immune signatures and their legacies in severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 infected cancer patients

Cancer patients who contract and recover from Coronavirus-2 exhibit long-term immune system weaknesses, depending on the type of cancer.

Cancer Cell 39, 261 (2021)

S. A. Jawad, L. Baú, T. Alaguthurai, I. del Molino del Barrio, A. G. Laing, T. S. Hayday, L. Monin, M. Muneoz-Ruiz, L. McDonald, I. F. Quijorna, D. McKenzie, R. Davis, A. Lorenc, J. Nuo En Chan, S. Ryan, E. Bugallo-Blanco, R. Yorke, S. Kamdar, M. Fish, I. Zlatareva, P. Vantourout, A. Jennings, S. Gee, K. Doores, K. Bailey, S. Hazell, J. De Naurois, Ch. Moss, B. Russell, A. A. Khan, M. Rowley, R. Benjamin, D. Enting, D. Alrifai, Y. Wu, Y. Zhou

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