Postdoc in statistical physics of life, learning and emergence

The London Institute is hiring a two-year postdoc in the statistical physics of life, learning and emergence, supervised by Thomas Fink.

About the role

The postdoc is for two years and the gross salary is £45,000 to £48,000 per year. The postdoc will be supervised by Dr Thomas Fink on the statistical physics of life, learning and emergence, described in our Themes. Recent work by Dr Fink includes the rules of life, genetic computation, forever young and flowers of immortality, although the research area is not limited to this. Others in this team include Dr Forrest Sheldon and Prof. Yang He.

About the candidate

Candidates should have a PhD in theoretical physics and an outstanding track record of research. Because the position is aimed at generating theoretical insights, they should have experience in some of the following: statistical physics, disordered systems, discrete mathematics, graph theory, machine learning, neural networks and novel forms of inference.

Candidate values include: ambition, communication, curiosity, enthusiasm, inspiration, irreverence, mastery, originality, perfectionism, persistence, simplicity and spontaneity.


To apply, send a CV to Promising candidates will be invited to visit. On account of a recent major award, the post starts as soon as possible, ideally not later than the start of 2023. If necessary, we can negotiate making a donation of research funds to the candidate’s group to allow for their quick departure.

About the London Institute

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About Thomas Fink

Dr Thomas Fink is the founding Director of the London Institute and Charge de Recherche in the French CNRS. He studied physics at Caltech, Cambridge and École Normale Supérieure. His work includes statistical physics, combinatorics and the mathematics of evolvable systems.