5 SEP 2020

The London Institute Recently recognized by the government as an Independent Research Organization, it is hiring a part-time fundraiser to attract support beyond research grants.

Are you interested in this position?


The position is for one to two days per week, with the possibility of more in the future. It starts as soon as possible. Candidates will be expected to work from the Institute in central London. The salary exceeds the salaries offered by universities for a similar role.


The London Institute has raised £5 million to date. Most of this has been through research grants, defence contracts and corporate sponsored research. Now it wants to broaden its scope and attract philanthropic support and explore innovative funding possibilities.

Candidates are expected to have worked in a similar role before and have a track record of success. They should have excellent written and verbal skills and high emotional intelligence. A lot of the Institute's support has come from the U.S., so candidates with experience working in America are especially encouraged to apply.

Why now

In 2019, the London Institute was designated an Independent Research Organisation. This makes it eligible for research funding by the government, and the only IRO in the mathematical sciences in the UK.

What makes this particularly timely is that the current government is the most science-friendly in a generation. It has repeatedly proclaimed its commitment to supporting curiosity-driven research, and its July 2020 R&D roadmap ‘shows institutes preferred over universities’.

All of this adds up to an extraordinary opportunity for the London Institute to become the exemplar for doing curiosity-driven research outside of universities.

London Institute

The London Institute for Mathematical Sciences is a private academic institute for curiosity-driven research in physics, mathematics and the theoretical sciences. Funded by research agencies, foundations and firms, it gives scientists the freedom and support to make fundamental discoveries full-time.

Job activities

  • Work closely with the Director to map out a fundraising strategy.
  • Interact with our Board of Trustees and mobilize their support.
  • Leverage our unique position to attract philanthropy.
  • Work with our PR firm, April Six, to raise our profile.
  • Help us influence the government’s new R&D roadmap.

Candidate values

  1. Communication
  2. Drive
  3. Emotional intelligence
  4. Energy
  5. Enthusiasm
  6. Imagination
  7. Inspiration
  8. Irreverence
  9. Originality
  10. Persistence
  11. Positivity
  12. Simplicity
  13. Spontaneity