The campaign to fund the Arnold and Landau Fellowships is ongoing. We are continuing to accept donations towards supporting our theorists.

We launched the Arnold and Landau Fellowships in 2022, when, thanks to the generosity of our principal donors, we had 2/3 of the funding in place. Since then, we have received welcome contributions from members of the public, and notably from the Andrei Sakharov Foundation. Meanwhile, the campaign is ongoing to provide the Fellowships with the full funding that they require.

Some organisations offer little support to their scientists, mistaking it for a sign of efficiency. By contrast, we take as our example the high level of support received by Olympic athletes. We prioritise efficiency, while also supporting our scientists to the hilt. As well as the salaries of researchers, this breaks down into three types of support costs, which cover assistance (funding, writing and equipment), communications and office space. You can learn more about our culture of funding here.

To make a contribution to the Arnold and Landau Fellowships, or to learn more, please email our Development Director, Sarah Myers Cornaby, at The London Institute is a registered charity, so donations may be tax-exempt.