Suvajit Majumder Visitor

String theory, quantum gravity, integrability and quantum field theory.

Suvajit Majumder is a visiting researcher at the London Institute. He studied physics and mathematics at the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai, before completing his master’s course in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics at Oxford University. He is currently pursuing his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Bogdan Stefanski, and Prof. Yang-Hui He at City University, London. His research focuses on string theory and holography. In particular, his work attempts to shed light into the duality of 3-dimensional gravity and 2-dimensional conformal field theories, by using instruments from the mathematical framework of integrability. Furthermore, he is working on aspects of the black hole information paradox in 3-dimensional gravity. He is also interested in incorporating machine learning techniques in mathematical physics, especially in the search for integrability structures, like quantum R-matrices.

Suvajit Majumder