Ali Zahabi Visitor

Quiver Gauge theory, analytic combinatorics, random matrix theory and number theory.

Dr. Ali Zahabi is a visiting researcher at the London Institute and a research fellow at the Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne in France. He received his PhD in mathematical physics from the University of Helsinki. After spending two years as a research fellow and visiting researcher at the University of Helsinki, Heriot-Watt University and Chongqing University, he joined the Centre for Research in String Theory at Queen Mary University of London and Mandelstam Institute in Theoretical Physics in Witwatersrand University as a postdoctoral fellow. In particular, his research is focused on Quiver Gauge Theory/Integrable Systems: Combinatorial Class, their non-perturbative aspects, asymptotic analysis and phase structure, by applying the machinery of Analytic Combinatorics, Random Matrix Theory and Number Theory.

Ali enjoys serendipity walk in nature and grasping his best ideas during these short daily journeys. Outside of science, Ali is interested in Persian fine art and literature.


Ali Zahabi