We are supported by grants, philanthropy and industry. We compete for research grants from government agencies and trusts. We seek gifts from individuals and foundations for specific projects and to build our endowment. We also invite research sponsorship from relevant businesses.

May 2023

Remembering Michelle Jones

The statistician Michelle Jones devoted her life to data science. We are very grateful that, in her memory, her husband Steve has set up a fund in aid of the London Institute on JustGiving, so that friends, family and colleagues can contribute to a cause close to Michelle’s heart. It is inspired, he says, by her “love of data and disdain for flowers”, as well as her lifelong generosity and kindness to others.

Feb 2023

Blackboard-inspired art

Marina Murvanidze Mitchell created four pieces of art inspired by the London Institute’s blackboards. She has donated some of the limited-edition prints to the Institute, to be sold during Prof. Yang-Hui He’s Friday Evening Discourse. Mrs Murvanidze Mitchell is a Georgian-American artist based in London and, like Prof. He, a Princeton alumni. Her art is inspired by people living outside of their country of origin.

Jan 2023

Andrei Sakharov Foundation

The Andrei Sakharov Foundation donated funds towards our Arnold and Landau Fellowships. The Foundation strives to preserve the legacy of Soviet nuclear physicist Andrei Sakharov. Sakharov was instrumental in nuclear weapons disarmament between the USSR and USA, earning him the Nobel peace prize in 1975. His values live on through the Foundation, which continues to be run by the family, who visited us in late 2022.

Aug 2022

BCG Henderson

The BCG Henderson Institute invested in research on AI-assisted mathematical discovery. As well as supporting two of our researchers, the funding went towards a conference that brought together researchers from academia and industry. The BCG Henderson Institute is the think tank of Boston Consulting Group, applying insights from academic disciplines to the strategic challenges facing business, government and society.

Aug 2022

Landau Fellowships

Following the establishment of the Arnold Fellowships, we have raised matched funding from anonymous donors to establish the Landau Fellowships. Named after the Nobel laureate Lev Landau, these fellowships are for five outstanding theoretical physicists and mathematicians from Russia to work at the London Institute. Thank you to our donors, whose generous support will shape the future of research at our Institute.

Jun 2022

Arnold Fellowships

Anonymous donors made a transformative contribution to establish five three-year fellowships for theoretical physicists and mathematicians from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. These fellowships are named after the Ukrainian-born mathematician Vladimir Arnold. We are grateful for the opportunity to recruit world-class talent from these countries, which have an exceptional record of discovery in the mathematical sciences.

Jun 2022

Leverhulme Trust

The London Institute won a Research Project Grant from the Leverhulme Trust to do research on machine learning applied to string cosmology. The grant, which is joint with King’s College London, is for two years and will support a postdoc at the Institute, among other things. The Leverhulme Trust is a UK-based organisation that funds grants for original and significant research across all academic disciplines.

Apr 2022


Bit.bio’s investment in the London Institute has continued for a third year, supporting multiple posts. Over the coming year, we will investigate the mathematics of experimental design, AI-assisted discovery of reprogramming sets, and simple models of cell programming that are exactly solvable. Bit.bio is a synthetic biology company that reprograms human cells for use in research, drug discovery and cell therapy.

Oct 2021

Edward Harvist Trust

The Edward Harvist Trust again donated funds for us to improve science communication. This year, the donation went towards AV equipment, including a projector. We will use this for talks for local attendees and for meetings of students and postdocs from the London universities. The Edward Harvist Trust supports organisations that improve the quality of life for local people in Westminster and other London boroughs.