Arnold Fellowships

We have created the Arnold Fellowships: five three-year posts for theoretical physicists and mathematicians from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The London Institute is proud to announce the creation of the Arnold Fellowships. The five full-time, three-year positions are for theoretical physicists and mathematicians from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, who will join us in our home at the Royal Institution in Mayfair.

We have named our Fellowships after Vladimir Arnold, a Ukrainian-born Russian scientist who embodies Russia’s tradition of mathematical greatness. Arnold rose to prominence aged 19 when he solved the 13th in David Hilbert’s famous list of mathematical problems. One of the leading mathematicians of the 20th century, Arnold made contributions to geometry, topology, mechanics and singularity theory. Above all, he believed mathematics should be fun. He liked to call it a branch of physics in which, involving only pencil and paper, “experiments are cheap”. The only reason he didn’t get the Fields Medal, the highest honour in mathematics, was by his own account because he annoyed the authorities, who blocked him.

The Arnold Fellowships opened on 13 May 2022. Applicants will be evaluated on a rolling basis until suitable candidates are appointed.

Funding the Fellowship

We decided to launch our Arnold Fellowships when we had raised 2/3 of the funding, because time is of the essence. To make a contribution, or to learn more, email our Development Director, Sarah Myers Cornaby, at We are a registered charity, so your donation will be tax-exempt.

Applying for a Fellowship

The description of the posts and how to apply are here.