Arnold Fellowships

In support of those affected by the war in Ukraine, we have created five new Fellowships for scientists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The London Institute is proud to announce the creation of the Arnold Fellowships. The five full-time, three-year posts are for theoretical physicists and mathematicians affected by the war in Ukraine. They are for scientists from not only Ukraine, but also Russia and Belarus, since scientists rarely do their best work in countries where dissent is suppressed.

In Russia, academics opposing the conflict have increasingly come under threat. After the science newspaper, Troitsky Variant, published a letter opposing the conflict, which was signed by 7,000 scientists and science journalists, its website was closed down in Russia. We have spoken to one mathematician who served a jail term after protesting the war, and then felt forced to flee the country. We have heard from another who did likewise after the police paid a visit to his home.

The new Fellowships are named after Vladimir Arnold, a brilliant Russian mathematician who embodies the Russian tradition of mathematical brilliance and the joy of insight. He was born, fittingly enough, in Odessa in Ukraine. The Fellowships opened for applications on 13 May.

Funding the Fellowship

The Arnold Fellowships are being made possible by the generosity of our donors. To make a donation to support scientists affected by the war in Ukraine, or learn more about the Fellowships, contact Sarah Myers Cornaby at

Applying for a Fellowship

The description of the posts and how to apply are here.