Roman Rybiansky
LIMS Ventures
Product design, graphic design, grid systems, user experience, simplicity dynamics, digital marketing, Innovations, Technology
Thomas Fink
Statistical mechanics, combinatorics, discrete dynamics, evolvable systems, innovation, design, emergent technologies
Ben Lynch
LIMS Ventures
Technology transfer, web development, app development, personalized media channels, digital marketing, fundraising, grant proposals
Oscar Dahlsten
Quantum information and computation, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, generalised probabilistic theories, foundations of quantum theory
Paolo Barucca
Postdoc and Communications Director
Statistical physics, systemic risk, network theory
Elli Streit
LIMS Ventures
Liz Whitby
Robert Farr
Fractals, materials, mechanical and thermal properties of fractal structures, dynamics of innovation
Andrea Gabrielli
Statistical physics, stochastic processes, complex networks. Hobby: fly fishing in mountain streams
Doyne Farmer
Chaos theory, complexity, econophysics, systemic risk in financial markets
Uwais Iqbal
Former Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow
Thomas Reeves
Former Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow
Spectral graph theory, discrete mathematics, evolutionary game theory.
Marec Serlin
Former Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow
Fractals and fractal structures, mechanics of materials, choice statistics
Nicholas Day
Former Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow
Combinatorics, Boolean networks, discrete mathematics
Alexander Volkman
Former Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow
Geometric analysis, mean curvature equations, mean curvature surfaces, isoperimetric problems, theory of neutral evolution
Kedron Silsbee
Former Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow
Galaxy formation, neutral evolution, stochastic processes, boolean dynamics
Francois Lafond
Former Postdoc
Economics of innovation, environmental economics, networks and complex systems, applied econometrics and forecasting.
Francesco Caravelli
Former Postdoc
Non-equilibrium dynamics, quantum and classical systems, statistical physics, economics and engineering, memristors
Chris Pickard
Former Fellow
Electronic structure theory, solid state NMR, crystal structure prediction, high-pressure physics, CASTEP
Thomas Tombrello
Former Trustee
Materials, surface science, technology, geomorphology, what drives discoveries
Jamie Blundell
Former Postdoc
Statistical mechanics, semi-flexible filaments, mathematical biology, evolvability, boolean dynamics
Ton Coolen
Former Fellow
Disordered systems, random graphs and networks, processes on complex networks, mathematical bio-medicine, minority games
Dominik Vu
Former Postdoc
Combinatorics, game theory, algorithms
Paul Smith
Former Postdoc
Probabilistic combinatorics, random discrete structures, percolation
Antonio Scala
Statistical mechanics, complex networks, computational physics, energy landscapes, glassy systems
Michal Przykucki
Former Postdoc
Extremal combinatorics, probabilistic combinatorics, percolation
Luciano Pietronero
High-t superconductivity, statistical physics, fractal growth, complex systems, finance, economic complexity
Richard Johnson
Former Postdoc
Combinatorics, adversarial games, percolation
Alexis Gallagher
Former Postdoc
Genotype-phenotype maps, genospace algebra, theory of neutral evolution, evolution of cooperation, agile software designs
Guido Caldarelli
Scale-free networks, fractal growth, self-organised criticality, statistical mechanics, systems biology
Eric Beinhocker
Financial system stability, economic growth, economics and ethics, sustainability, inequality
Marco Bardoscia
Former Postdoc
Statistical physics, socio-economic systems, theory of complexity, metabolic networks
Sebastian Ahnert
Complex, biological networks, noncoding DNA, time scales in microarray data, discrete dynamics, quantum information
Antonia Tingey
Dame Shirley Porter
Environmental sciences
Martin Reeves