Complex, biological networks, noncoding DNA, time scales in microarray data, discrete dynamics
Stochastic models of disease, Modelling drug administration, Dynamics of amyloid diseases
Senior Postdoc
Replica methods, Phase transitions in optimisation, Information theory, Machine learning
Statistical physics, socio-economic systems, theory of complexity, metabolic networks
Senior Postdoc
Bayesian methods, Clinical trial design, Machine learning, High-dimensional biomedical data
Senior Postdoc
Statistical physics, Systemic risk, Network theory
Mathematical ecology, Natural resource management, Sustainability
Former Postdoc
Statistical mechanics, semi-flexible filaments, mathematical biology, evolvability, boolean dynamics
Scale-free networks, Fractal growth, Self-organised criticality, Systems biology
Senior Postdoc
Non-equilibrium dynamics, Spectral methods, Memristors, Complex systems
Disordered systems, Random graphs, Processes on complex networks, Mathematical bio-medicine, Market models
Quantum information, Quantum computation, Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, Probabilistics
Former Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow
Combinatorics, Boolean networks, discrete mathematics
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Fabrizio Antenucci
Senior Postdoc
Replica methods
Phase transitions in optimisation
Information theory
Machine learning
Dr Fabrizio Antenucci is a senior postdoc in theoretical physics at the London Institute. He did his MSc at the University of Rome, Sapienza with a thesis on the renormalization group for disordered systems and his PhD, also at Sapienza, on applications of statistical mechanics to photonic systems with disorder. Dr Fabrizio was a postdoc at the National Research Council (CNR) in Italy and later at the Institut de physique théorique at Saclay. He works on problems at the border of statistical physics and computer science