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On defining the Hamiltonian beyond quantum theory

D. Branford, O. Dahlsten, A. Garner

Foundations of Physics

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Maximum one-shot dissipated work from Rényi divergences

N. Halpern, A. Garner, O. Dahlsten, V. Vedral

Physical Review E

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Quantum generalisation of feedforward neural networks

K. Wan, O. Dahlsten, H. Kristjansson, R. Gardner, M. Kim

Nature Quantum Information

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Organic molecule fluorescence as an experimental test-bed for quantum jumps in thermodynamics

C. Browne, T. Farrow, O. Dahlsten, V. Vedral

Proceedings of the Royal Society A

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Entropic equality for worst-case work at any protocol speed

O. Dahlsten, M. Choi, D. Braun, A. Garner, N. Halpern, V. Vedral

New Journal of Physics

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Tunnelling necessitates negative Wigner function

Y. Lin, O. Dahlsten

Sub. to Physical Review Letters

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Geometric phases and cyclic isotropic cosmologies

L. Banchi, F. Caravelli

Classical and Quantum Gravity

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Photonic Maxwell’s demon

M. Vidrighin, O. Dahlsten, M. Barbieri, M. Kim, V. Vedral, I. Walmsley

Physical Review Letters

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A measure of majorization emerging from single-shot statistical mechanics

D. Egloff, O. Dahlsten, R. Renner, V. Vedral

New Journal of Physics

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Entanglement typicality

O. Dahlsten, C. Lupo, S. Mancini, A. Serafini

Journal of Physics A

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