On defining the Hamiltonian beyond quantum theory

ODO. DahlstenDBAG Foundations of Physics

A Hamiltonian recipe

An explicit recipe for defining the Hamiltonian in general probabilistic theories, which have the potential to generalise quantum theory.

Maximum one-shot dissipated work from Rényi divergences

ODO. DahlstenNHAGVV Physical Review E

One-shot statistic

One-shot analogs of fluctuation-theorem results help unify these two approaches for small-scale, nonequilibrium statistical physics.

Quantum generalisation of feedforward neural networks

ODO. DahlstenKWHKRGMK Nature Quantum Information

Quantum neural networks

We generalise neural networks into a quantum framework, demonstrating the possibility of quantum auto-encoders and teleportation.

Organic molecule fluorescence as an experimental test-bed for quantum jumps in thermodynamics

ODO. DahlstenCBTFVV Proceedings of the Royal Society A

Quantum thermodynamics

Spectroscopy experiments show that energy shifts due to photon emission from individual molecules satisfy a fundamental quantum relation.


6 New Journal of Physics

Entropic equality for worst-case work at any protocol speed

A battery from which work is taken or given to a single heat bath.


2 Physical Review Letters

Tunnelling interpreted

In quantum tunnelling, a particle tunnels through a barrier that it classically could not surmount.


2 Classical and Quantum Gravity

Geometric phases and cyclic isotropic cosmologies

Does a scalar field maintain a quantum memory from previous bounces?


6 Physical Review Letters

Photonic Maxwell’s demon

By analogy with Maxwell’s original thought experiment, the setup uses energy extracted from a thermal system.


4 New Journal of Physics

A measure of majorization emerging from single-shot statistical mechanics

Abstract depiction of the set of states, including the initial state ρ and final state σ . Each state is associated wi


4 Journal of Physics A

Entanglement typicality

We provide a measure of purity of an entanglement state.