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  • Phase transition creates the geometry of the continuum from discrete space


    RFR. FarrTFT. Fink Physical Review E

    Geometry of discrete space

    A phase transition creates the geometry of the continuum from discrete space, but it needs disorder if it is to have the right metric.

  • Exactly solvable model of memristive circuits: Lyapunov functional and mean field theory


    FCF. CaravelliPBP. Barucca European Physical Journal B

    Solvable memristive circuits

    Exact solutions for the dynamics of interacting memristors predict whether they relax to higher or lower resistance states given random initialisations.

  • Distress propagation in complex networks: the case of non-linear DebtRank

    Complex networks, Financial risk

    MBM. BardosciaFCJPGVGCG. Caldarelli PLoS ONE

    Non-linear distress propagation

    Non-linear models of distress propagation in financial networks characterise key regimes where shocks are either amplified or suppressed.

  • Subcritical U-Bootstrap percolation models have non-trivial phase transitions

    Percolation theory

    PBBBB. BollobásMPM. PrzykuckiPSP. Smith Transactions of the American Mathematical Society

    Bootstrap percolation models

    A subset of bootstrap percolation models, which stabilise systems of cells on infinite lattices, exhibit non-trivial phase transitions.