Our papers are the official record of our discoveries. They allow others to build on and apply our work. Each paper is the result of many months of research, so we make a special effort to make them clear, beautiful and inspirational, and publish them in leading journals.

  • The physics of financial networks

    MBM. BardosciaPBP. BaruccaSBFCGCDGFSTSGCG. Caldarelli Nature Reviews Physics

    The physics of financial networks

    Complex network theory unlocks systematic understanding of financial stability and climate finance in pursuit of a more sustainable society.

  • Hyperbolicity measures democracy in real-world networks

    MBACGCG. Caldarelli Physical Review E

    Democracy in networks

    Analysis of the hyperbolicity of real-world networks distinguishes between those which are aristocratic and those which are democratic.

  • Evolution of controllability in interbank networks

    DDSBMRGGFPGCG. Caldarelli Scientific Reports

    Interbank controllability

    Complex networks detect the driver institutions of an interbank market and ascertain that intervention policies should be time-scale dependent.

  • Networks with arbitrary edge multiplicities

    VZDGGCG. Caldarelli EPL

    Clustering inverted

    Edge multiplicity—the number of triangles attached to edges—is a powerful analytic tool to understand and generalize network properties.