LQ placeholderRelativity and  the universe

Relativity and the universe

Andrew Green talks about the theory of relativity, cosmology and the structure of the universe in part 3 of our Grand Tour of Science.

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Andrew Green

Prof. Andrew Green holds the Chair of Condensed Matter Physics at University College, London. His interests include the properties of natural and manufactured materials, harnessing quantum mechanics for information processing, and the overlap of the latter with machine learning.

Series The Grand Tour of Science is a comprehensive account of modern science in seven two-hour lectures for the public. The lectures are in two parts, with drinks and discussion before, in between and after.

Talk ∙ This lecture covers:
• The Michelson-Morley experiment
• Problems with Maxwell’s theory
• Principles of special relativity
• Cosmology and the structure of the universe
• General relativity; impact on our world view