The science behind tomorrow’s business
LIMS Ventures is the start-up incubator of the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences. It helps the Institute’s most determined scientists bring their discoveries to market.
Giving control back to scientists
The London Institute does not lay claim to its scientists’ IP. Instead, it lets the scientists choose how to bring their discoveries to market. They can build a company outside of the Institute, or they can get help from LIMS Ventures in exchange for modest share capital. In this way LIMS Ventures has to continually prove itself as an attractive option for startups.
The person behind the product
A great idea is only part of what it takes to bring a discovery to market. Just as important is the scientist behind the concept. Drive, resilience and an appetite for risk are key to making a new company succeed. LIMS Ventures considers these human aspects as well as the strength of the concept in choosing which projects to back.
A symbiosis of incubator and ideas
LIMS Ventures is embedded within the London Institute, so the product teams and research scientists work closely together to turn today’s science into tomorrow’s business. LIMS Ventures provides access to space and an ecosystem of designers, developers and marketers. And lessons learned in marketing products help scientists better market their discoveries.