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Detectability of ranking hierarchies in directed networks E Letizia, P Barucca, F Lillo JSTAT (Submitted) 2017
Behind the Price: On the Role of Agent’s Reflexivity in Financial Market Microstructure P Barucca, F Lillo Springer International Publishing 2017
Detectability thresholds in networks with dynamic link and community structure P Barucca, F Lillo, P Mazzarisi, D Tantari PRL (Submitted) 2017
The complex dynamics of memristive circuits: analytical results and universal slow relaxation F Caravelli, F L Traversa, M Di Ventra PRE 2017
Spectral partitioning in random regular blockmodels P Barucca PRE (Submitted) 2016
The mise en scene of memristive networks: effective memory, dynamics and learning F Caravelli arXiv 2016
Optimal growth trajectories with finite carrying capacity F Caravelli, L Sindoni, F Caccioli, C Ududec PRE 2016
Conformity-Driven Agents Support Ordered Phases in the Spatial Public Goods Game M A Javarone, A Antonioni, F Caravelli Europhysics Letters 2016
Emergence of strongly connected giant components in continuum disk-spin percolation F Caravelli, M Bardoscia, F Caccioli Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2016
Trajectories entropy in dynamical graphs with memory F Caravelli Frontiers (Robotics and AI) 2016
Photonic Maxwell’s Demon Mihai D. Vidrighin, Oscar Dahlsten, Marco Barbieri, M. S. Kim, Vlatko Vedral, and Ian A. Walmsley PhysRevLett 2016
On an ordering-dependent generalization of Tutte polynomial J B Geloun, F Caravelli Submitted 2015
On moments of the integrated exponential Brownian motion F. Caravelli, T. Mansour, L. Sindoni, S. Severini EPJ Plus 2015
DebtRank: A Microscopic Foundation for Shock Propagation Bardoscia M, Battiston S, Caccioli F, Caldarelli G PLoS ONE 2015
Geometric phases and cyclic isotropic cosmologies L Banchi, F Caravelli Class. Quant. Grav. 2015
Bounds on transient instability for complex ecosystems F Caravelli, P Staniczenko PLoS ONE 2015
Multi-scalling of wholesale electricity prices F Caravelli, J Requeima, C Ududec, A Ashtari, T Di Matteo, T Aste Submitted 2015
Structures and stability of calcium and magnesium carbonates at mantle pressures Chris J Pickard, Richard J Needs Phys. Rev 2015
Opinion dynamics on Interacting Networks media competition and social influence W.Quattrociocchi, G.Caldarelli, A. Scala Scientific Reports 2014
The rise of china in the international trade network S. Zhou, F. Cerina, A. Chessa, G. Caldarelli, M. Riccaboni PLOS One 2014
Easily repairable networks R.S. Farr, J. Harer, T.M.A. Fink Submitted 2014
Bootstrap percolation on Galton-Watson trees B. Bollobás, K. Gunderson, C. Holmgren, S. Janson, M. Przykucki EJP 2014
Self-Healing Networks: Redundancy and Structure W. Quattrociocchi, G. Caldarelli, A. Scala PLOS ONE 2014
Immune networks: multi-tasking capabilities at medium load E. Agliari, A. Annibale, A. Barra, A. C. C. Coolen, D. Tantari J. Phys. A 2013
Reconstructing a credit network G. Caldarelli, A. Chessa, A. Gabrielli, F. Pammolli, M. Puliga Nat Phys 2013
Distributed generation and resilience in power grids A. Scala, M. Mureddu, A. Chessa, G. Caldarelli, A. Damiano Submitted 2013
Bootstrapping topological properties and systemic risk of complex networks using the fitness model N. Musmeci, S. Battiston, G. Caldarelli, M, Puliga, A, Gabrielli Submitted 2013
Evolution of controllability in interbank networks D. Delpini, S.Battiston, M. Riccaboni, G. Gabbi, F. Pammolli, G. Caldarelli Submitted 2013
Generic solution of the heterogeneity-induced competing risk problem in survival analysis J van Baardewijk, H. Garmo, M Van Hemelrijck, L. Holmberg, A. C. C Coolen Submitted 2013
Multi-tasking capabilities near saturation E. Agliari, A. Annibale, A. Barra, A. C. C Coolen, D. Tantari Submitted 2013
Retrieving infinite numbers of patterns in a spin-glass model of immune networks E. Agliari, A. Annibale, A. Barra , A. C. C Coolen, D. Tantari Submitted 2013
Multi-tasking capabilities at medium load E. Agliari , A. Annibale, A. Barra, A. C. C Coolen and D. Tantari Submitted 2013
Complex derivatives S. Battiston, G. Caldarelli, Co-Pierre Georg, R. May and J. Stiglitz Nat Phys 2013
Optimisation of fractal spaceframes under gentle compressive load D. Rayneau-Kirkhope, Y. Mao, R. Farr Phys Rev E 2013
Random close packing fractions of iognormal distributions of hard spheres powder technology R. S. Farr Powder Technol 2013
A network analysis of countries’ export flows: firm grounds for the building blocks of the economy G. Caldarelli, M. Cristelli, A. Gabrielli, L. Pietronero, A. Scala, A. Tacchella Plos 2012
There is More than a Power Law in Zipf M. Cristelli, M. Batty, L. Pietronero Sci Rep 2012
Competitors’ communities and taxonomy of products according to export fluxes M. Cristelli, A. Tacchella, A. Gabrielli, L. Pietronero A. Scala, G. Caldarelli Eur Phys J 2012
Networks with arbitrary edge multiplicities V. Zlatic, D Garlaschelli, G. Caldarelli EPL 2012
Robustness and assortativity for diffusion-like processes in scale-free networks G. D’Agostino, A. Scala, V. Zlatic ́ , G. Caldarelli EPL 2012
Debtrank: Too central to fail? Financial networks, the FED and systemic risk S. Battiston, M. Puliga, R. Kaushik, P. Tasca, G. Caldarelli Sci Rep 2012
Progress in the physics of complex networks G. Caldarelli ,G. Kaniadakis, A. Scarfone Eur Phys J 2012
Competitors’ communities and taxonomy of products according to export fluxes M. Cristelli, A. Tacchella , A. Gabrielli , L. Pietronero, A. Scala , G. Caldarelli Eur Phys J 2012
A new metrics for countries’ fitness and products’ complexity A. Tacchella , M. Cristelli , G. Caldarelli , A. Gabrielli ,L. Pietronero Sci Rep 2012
Ultralight fractal structures from hollow tubes D. Rayneau-Kirkhope, Y. Mao, R. S. Farr Phys Rev Lett 2012
Hierarchical space frames for high mechanical efficiency: fabrication and mechanical testing D. Rayneau-Kirkhope, Y. Mao, R. Farr, J. Segal Mech Res Commun 2012
Use of the weibull equation to approximate diffusive release from particles in a closed system R. S. Farr, S. M. Goh, F. Y. S. Set comput chem eng 2012
Power laws in the elasticity and yielding of plant particle suspensions P. Lopez-Sanchez, R. Farr Food Biophys 2012
Shear elastic deformation and particle packing in plant cell dispersions P. Lopez-Sahchez, V. Chapara, S. Schumm, R. Farr Food Biophys 2012
Population dynamics on complex food webs G. M. Palamara, V. Zlatic, A. Scala, G. Caldarelli World Sci 2011
A network approach to orthodontic diagnosis P. Auconi, G. Caldarelli , A. Scala , G. Ierardo , A. Polimeni Submitted 2011
Diffusional Monte Carlo model of liquid-phase sintering A. Luque et al. math comput simulat 2011
Fractal-like dependence in the designs of efficient pressure-bearing structures D. Rayneau-Kirkhope, R. S. Farr, Y. Mao EPL 2011
What you see is not what you get: how sampling affects macroscopic features of biological networks A. Annibale and A. C. C. Coolen Interface Focus 2011
Theory for the failure stress of a quasi-equilibrium, brittle polycrystal with a small void fraction R. S. Farr, A. Luque and A. Hoddle Mat Sci and Eng A. 2011
A pagerank-based preferential attachment model for the evolution of the World Wide Web P. Giammatteo, D. Donato, V. Zlatic, G. Caldarelli EPL 2010
Topologically biased random walk and community finding in networks V. Zlatić, A. Gabrielli, G. Caldarelli The American Physical Society 2010
Self-assembly, modularity and physical complexity S. E. Ahnert, I. Johnston, T. M. A.Fink, J. P. K. Doye, and A. A. Louis Submitted 2010
Bifurcations in the optimal elastic foundation for a buckling column D. Rayneau-Kirkhope, R. Farr, K. Ding and Y. Mao Phys Lett A 2010
Estimate for the fractal dimension of the Apollonian gasket in d dimensions R. S. Farr and E. Griffiths Phys Rev E 2010
Geometrical Monte Carlo model of liquid-phase sintering A. Luque et al. Math Comput Simulat 2010
Tailored graph ensembles as proxies or null models for real networks I: tools for quantifying structure A. C. C. Coolen et al. JoP A 2009
Liquid phase sintering of two roughened ice crystals in sucrose solution: A comparison to theory and simulation R. S. Farr et al. Comp Mat Sci 2009
Close packing density of polydisperse hard spheres R. S. Farr and R. G. Groot JCP 2009
A perl toolkit for LIMS development J Morris, S Gayther, I Jacobs, C Jones source code biol med 2008
Single elimination competition T. M. A. Fink, J. B. Coe and S. E. Ahnert EPL 2008
The mechanical properties of model-compacted tablets S. M. Goh et al. J Mat Sci 2008
Fractal space frames and metamaterials for high mechanical efficiency R. S. Farr and Y. Mao Euro phys Lett 2008
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